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The energy and consciousness approach, with a wide range of techniques, makes it possible to place the being in its entirety.
It is a help to develop the superior human qualities of our own.

The formation of Humanist Magnetism is assured in France by Sébastien Berger.


The therapist passes on a powerful energy of Life, reloading the diverse parts of the physical body, relieving the blockings.
One after the other, the chakras and the different layers of the aura are treated.

Sacred-glass balls allow the energies being set free to go back to the Earth and/or Sky, so that they do not remain in the room; waiting for the next host.


The care-room is energetically balanced too.

Sounds can be used (singing bowls, intuitive sounds, mantras,…) as well as symbols and energized stones.


As a therapist, I’ve witnessed many changes in physical issues as well as in psychological and relational difficulties.

Relief, Joy and revitalizing are always involved.


The session begins with a brief talk and usually ends up with a sharing time.

Duration : 1h30

Price : CHF 100


We can read:
At Editions des Chemins Célestes: Humanist Magnetism: From Energy to Realization (Volume 1) by Sébastien Berger.
Tchou Editions, The Beneficial Power of the Hands, and Healing by the Light, by B.A. Brennan

B.A. Brennan's books have been written in English under the titles:
Hands Of Light (Kindle Edition)
Light Emerging (Kindle Edition)

For training:

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