I was born in Chatou, near Paris in 1959. My scholarship mainly took place in the Vevey area and the university of Lausanne welcomed me for my studies in psychology.

The urgent need to create and work with the matter drew me away from the confort of a university degree

Thanks to Ivan Chmetz, jeweler in sainte Croix, I “started off” in jewelry in 1981. My first workplace was settled in Lausanne.

While exploring the matter through jewels, I investigated the non-material with psyche.

A trip to the heart of symbols, by CG. Jung, then Humanist Astrology from 1987 onward, Taoïsm, and Chinese energetic teaching brought me from psychology to energetic study and work.

With the obviousness of energy being an essential component of Life, I reached Integral Energetic Healing in 2005.

This multi-faceted reality enriches my plastic work of creator.