1984 : workshop in rue Mont-Tendre in Lausanne with Katharina Moser

1985 to 1986 : Creating Craftsmen for Geneva Gallery

1986 : Hall of the CHUV, Lausanne with the Jewelry Craftsmen of Vaudois

1987 : Midi Pile gallery in Lausanne with George Rovélas

1989 : Soral gallery near Geneva with different artists.

1990 : Town Hall Forum in Lausanne with the Jewelry Craftsmen of Vaudois

1995 : Florimont gallery in Lausanne with different artists

1998 : Full Moon Event from the swiss RAH, Chambaillard, near Romainmôtier with Marie-Lise Gasser in the jewel exhibition

200 : Artcadache gallery in Vallorbe with Agnès Suba’s hats and Marie-Lise Gasser and Anne Zampiero’ jewels

2003 : Art au Pluriel gallery in Vevey with Marie-Lise Gasser and Cédric Chevalley

2005 : 2-21 theatre in Lausanne during the performance of the play “Neige” (text by Maxence Fermine)

Presentation of the “Ice and Fire” collection

Africa-Japan Meeting

2006 : De la Cour gallery in Romainmôtier, with Henriette Hartmann’s cuttings and Marc-André Genevey’s watercolours

Presentation of the A&P collection : jewels informed with a specific vibratory quality

2013 : Part of Ivan Chmetz’s exhibition “l’invitation” (with 3 other former students) in the Yvart gallery, Yverdon

Since 2006 : Yearly presentation of my work at the Natural Medicines Exhibition, MedNat in Lausanne. Occasionally in Holistica, Geneva and in the Better-Living Exhibition, Fribourg

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