In Training for Humanist magnetism, I was able to start work on a conscious vibratory quality of the jewel.

Here are the first images from the collections of this "wave layout"...


img7 bg ronde au rose coeurs


img8 bg ronde au rose perles


img9 bg ronde au rose x


img11 p 7 coeurs


img12 p 7 coeurs


img14 bg 7 coeurs


img15 bg 7 coeurs


img5 bg ronde au rose arabesques perle


img2 bg ovale au j perles


Realization of special orders: I was also pleased to inform vibrationally jewelry customer are some who wished to see their rich project of this quality.


Vibratoire 2008 144 An


Vibratoire 2012 3514 Ve


Vibratoire 2012 3540 ED


Vibratoire 2013 3615 Ve


Vibratoire 3775 LF


Vibratoire 4107 RMB


Vibratoire 4121 EG