The first step is the meeting.

During this exchange, I listen to you : your words, your vibration.

Through my life experience and my work as a plastic artist, I sense the necessary elements to be materialized.

We define the action fields together : which jewel, which materials, which polarities, which esthetic codes.

The second step is the dream.

Based on the “outer” indications I have harvested, a mediumnic work occurs inside of me. A wildcard image gets clearer as I get closer to the project I will show you.

A second meeting allows us to assure our communication so that we can move on in mutual confidence.

The third step is “materialization”.

Willing to be “worked on” while crafting, I assign my experience (technique, shape working, esthetic) to the wish for reunification we all bear inside of us.

Discovering the jewel born from it is always a great emotion.

The price for such a jewel is composed as followed :

  • The receptive composing and the vibratory information parts cost CHF 500.
  • The concrete part which can pretty much vary : it consists in the relative complexity of crafting, the stones and the metal composing the jewel.

As for any jewel, it is about correlating your wishes and your budget.

One can understand tha an estimation is needed for each jewel.