Humanist Astrology for, here, the human being is at the centre.

The human being is a whole resonating with the unities he fits in : his family, his homeland, his culture but also mankind as a whole, the solar system, the Cosmos.

Through the crisis we experience and have the challenge to integrate to enlarge our field of consciousness, our whole evolution is the subject studied by Humanist Astrology, casting on it a particular look.

The humanist astral theme emphasizes the person’s experience; the zodiacal degrees are spread over equal houses (fields of experience)

The principle of resonance, part of holism, replaces traditional determinism.

Leaving mechanistic and linear thinking behind, we recover the notion of cycle. There are no more negative aspects. Zodiacal degrees are dynamic, complementary, of mutual improvement,…

While opening ourselves to polarity, we fully invest the dynamic of Life within us (masculine/feminine) and in the relation we have to the world (individual/collective)

This polarity is shown, throughout the year, in the increasing and decreasing of daytime (Day strength/Night strength)

It is a contemporary astrology, offering much more than an informative character description of the consultant.

It allows to touch on such questions as :

Why was I born ?

What is the meaning of my life ?

What do I have to live with this person ?

What can I understand from this situation ?

The humanist astrologist offers a support in the understanding of Life and in developing free-will.