This massage happens to be a continuously updated synthesis of several teachings I have received and practices I keep exploring, while performing each exercice, and with my intuition.

It is first inspired by shiatsu : according to the taoïst practice, it re-balances polarities in the body, using acupuncture meridians on which we stimulate points by finger pressure.

Shiatsu also includes reflexology and corean relaxation.

Completing this energetic approach, I give a body massage. The soft touch with scented and energized oil is combined to the vibrating sound of the singing bowl and to the support of semi-precious stones (also energized), flower elixirs and gems.

Finally, I place sacred-glass balls around the table in order to clean the room from the freed tensions.

A relaxed body and mind and the feeling of renewing are the usual results.

Duration : 1h30

Price : CHF 100